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Dream Machines DM1 Pro S Mouse UK Review: A bargain for gamers

Written by  Jan 18, 2018
Dream Machines is a relatively new European gaming hardware company that produce a range of bespoke gaming laptops.
They also have a variety of affordable gaming mice.

The DM1 Pro S is their top of the range model costing £55.00 which is pretty reasonable for a gaming mouse.

DREAM MACHINES DM1 PRO S Optical Gaming Mouse Matte PC Mouse, PC / Mac, 2 Ways amazon uk £47.00 (Check current price)

Design & Features - DM1 Pro S Mouse Review

The DM1 Pro S is more of a traditional looking mouse compared to some of the new very expensive mice on the market today. It has a traditional shape with six buttons + Scroll. It has a max speed of 7.0 M/s and a polling rate of 1000 Hz. The DPI options range 400 -12000.

The mouse is its ultra-lightweight build of just 85g minus the cable, which is a big selling point.

There is basic RGB with the mouse wheel and DM logo glowing. 

The DM1 Pro S is similar to the highly acclaimed Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse, including the mouse sensor, the PMW3366 is the Logitech only version. The DM1 Pro S is a little larger, with the left and right buttons feeling much larger in comparison. The DM1 Pro S has a silky matte texture whereas the Logitech is a smooth matte, I prefer the feel of the DM1 Pro S.

Clicking the buttons has slightly different feel, the Logitech is louder, and its left and right have a wider area to press down the button easily. The DM1 Pro S buttons are not separate from the main body; this means they need to be pressed a little closer towards the end of the mouse.

The side buttons on the DM1 have a softer click feel while the scroll wheel has a little more tactile feedback.

The mouse application enables you to create profiles, and within each profile, you can tailor what buttons do the DPI, acceleration and polling rate.

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Performance - DM1 Pro S Mouse Review

In use this mouse performs excellently, it is extremely quick and responsive, and operates nice and smoothly. I use a 40” screen as my main display, and I had no issues with moving the cursor across the screen. When it comes to gaming, it performs just as smoothly with no delays or jitters. I found that the 12,000 DPI setting suited me, but I would imagine it would feel a little over sensitive for some.

For gaming the 12k DPI setting is perfect as it reacts so quickly, I think it makes for an excellent gaming mouse. But I must admit that a lower setting for general use would probably work best.

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DREAM MACHINES DM1 PRO S Optical Gaming Mouse Matte PC Mouse, PC / Mac, 2 Ways amazon uk £47.00 (Check current price)

Verdict - DM1 Pro S Mouse Review

If you want a gaming mouse that performs well and you don’t need lots all the bells and whistles of more expensive mice, unusual shapes or dozens of  over complicated buttons, then this is a great option. At around £47 for any serious gamer this is a bargain, and it  will last the tests of time.

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