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Fortnite Playground Mode V2 out today: See the details

Written by  Jul 25, 2018

Developer Epic Games has confirmed that playground mode will return to Fortnite on 25th July, later today, with some new upgrades.

“Playground is back and better than ever before,” said Epic in a blog post.


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When is Fortnite Playground Mode out?

Epic Games will be rolling out Fortnite Playground Mode later today. As always whenever a new update comes to Fortnite, this sometimes means play will go down and that not everyone will get the updates straight away.

Hang tight and you should be able to play all the new features by tomorrow at the latest.


What’s new with Fortnite Playground Mode?

One thing we do know is that there are going to be new team select options. This will allow you and your Fortnite squad to set up team battles for practice and training.

But, if you’re not enjoying the team you’re in you can switch teams in-game. So, you can learn all the tactics of one team and then switch mid-game so you know how to take them on. How sneaky.

There are other ways the playground mode update is encouraging you to socialise. In the new mode, you can create and share your screenshots and cinematics on social media, so you can prove you’re the best at Fortnite amongst your squad.

If you’re a fan of the Fortnite llamas then you will be happy to know there will be 100 llamas spawned on the map during Fortnite Playground mode. Happy llama hunting.

Remember that playground mode is only going to available for a limited time in Season 5. So get team building and llama hunting whilst you can before it disappears again.

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