Electric Jukebox is the ultimate music gift

Electric Jukebox is the ultimate music gift

It is a Wi-Fi streaming stick that plugs into your TV, offering up millions of tracks direct to your living room. It’s finally available, with a biggish price of £156.

So how does it work? First you’ll need a reasonable Wi-Fi connection, as well as a TV with a HDMI port. Once you’ve plugged it in, you’ll go through a “two-minute set-up”, at which point you’ll be able to listen to all (or at least most) of the music you want.

The Discover section lets you browse hundreds of music channels, the My Music tab lets you build your own collection of favourite songs, and Search does exactly what you’d expect. You’ll also get personal mixtape and playlists from celebs like Alesha Dixon, Stephen Fry, Sherly Crow and Robbie Williams.

The real exciting feature is the amazing remote control, which comes with its own built-in microphone. This lets you voice search; say the name of a song, and it’ll play straightaway. You also have OK, back, and microphone buttons on the remote, for additional controls. It’s a alternative to appeal to users who don’t want to control their music using a phone or tablet. The creators of the Jukebox say the system is as “simple as a CD player”, which could make it a popular Christmas gift for the older generation.

Other features of note include a visualiser that plays slideshows of fancy images sourced from Getty, as well as an explicit track filter that will keep children from being blasted with curse words when your NWA mixtape comes on.

The curated music channels are free to listen to, although there is an annual payment of £52 for an ad free version with all the features – but you do get a year of this membership for free. Then there’s no monthly subscription option, which is a little unfortunate, although a year’s membership stills works out cheaper than total cost of Spotify at £119.88.

“Electric Jukebox makes streaming fun again,” is how it is promoted on the website. “Just plug it into your TV, connect to Wi-Fi and choose from millions of songs. Simple and fun.”

Electric Jukebox music system - includes millions of albums for your TV - at Amazon for £156

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