KitSound Brooklyn headphones at an amazingly low £10

KitSound Brooklyn headphones at an amazingly low £10

KitSound Brooklyn Headphones

KitSound generally manage to come up with audio devices that perform way past their price point. It looks like they might have done it again with the Brooklyn headphones.

I have just got word of their new Brooklyn headphones.

The Brooklyn look pretty neat. The press release says that they are lightweight and foldable. That makes them easily stashable in a bag.

KitSound says that the new headphones have been designed with comfort in mind: a secure yet cosy fit, soft touch earcups, and a braided detachable cable.

You can keep in touch on the move thanks to the built-in call-handling.

Brooklyn headphones price and availability

Perhaps the most impressive part of the press release is the price that KitSound are able to put these out at.

Believe it or not, these headphones have an RRP of £10.

I’ll just let that sink in for a bit.

You can grab them now on Amazon for £10 in either black, white or pink.


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