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AOSO 7.1 PC Gaming Headset UK Review: With USB & Virtual Surround Sound

Written by  Stephen Holmes Mar 19, 2017
The AOSO 7.1 PC gaming headset is apparently equipped with a virtual 7.1 channel surround sound engine and it also has a retractable microphone.

The design of the headphones is very much in line with the gamers trend of bright lights, as you have bright blue LEDs circling the panther logo on each side. One of the first things I noticed about them was the size of the USB cable, it is extremely thick, more like something you would wire up your house. It didn’t really get in my way during use and I guess it should help improve endurance.

With it being a USB cable you do not need to worry about plugging the mic and headphones in separately, all the processing is done on board by the headphones.


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They are quite comfy headphones to use, but they are loose fitting, without much in the way of fit customisation. They need some more clamp force around your head to make them more comfortable. The foam padding is decent and they are circumaural going over your ear rather than on it which I find a lot more comfortable personally. Though this also gives me hot ears after a while!

Unfortunately, they are let down a bit by the sound, they are not terrible, but average at best. The highs and mids tend to be a bit on the tinny side, while the base is reasonable.

However, I am probably being excessively critical, this is a gaming headset that costs £36 which included 7.1 surround, a microphone and onboard processing.

Overall, if you need a cheap gaming headset then these will be more than adequate for the job, just don’t expect to be blown away. You can buy them today for £35.99 from Amazon UK.

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