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Mixcder MS301 Wireless APTX-LL Headphones UK: Low cost, premium quality

Written by  Nov 08, 2017

MS301 headphones now in UKMixcder state that the 'MS301 wireless headphone offers premium sound at a truly affordable price'.

The Mixcder MS301 headphones feature an aluminium alloy shell with a smooth glossy metal finish on the outer ear cups to avoid unnecessary vibrations.

Mixcder MS301b

MS301 headphones

The headband is of course padded for comfort.

MS301-headphones foldedMixcder MS301

You can fold the headphones away for easy transportation.

Mixcder MS301 specs


The MS301’s are loaded with 40mm ultra large-aperture backed dynamic drivers with advanced APTX-LL. Furthermore, they are equipped with something called shock sound. Apparently this all adds up to them delivering incredible booming bass, a detailed midrange, and extended treble.

However, the mention of booming bass is a little worrying and leads me to believe these cans are aiming more for the Beats market . 

It is great to see them packing the latest Bluetooth 4.2, though. This will hand the MS301 fast pairing skills and APTX-LL technology.

MS301 headphone bundleMixcder MS301a

The MS301’s provide lossless transmission and crystal clear sound without compression or interruptions.


The high capacity inbuilt 500mAh battery promises over 20 hours of music play. Standy clocks in at around 2200 hours.

If the battery is running low, simply plug in the included 3.5mm audio cable whilst the music continues.

Hands-free calls can also be taken using the multifunction power button on the headset.

Mixcder MS301 price and availability

The MS301’s could well be a good choice as they do look the part and they appear to be using premium quality materials.

Mixcder also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, which is a sure sign of confidence in their product.

The Mixcder MS301 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with aptX Low Latency are available from Amazon for £69.99.

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