Tom-toms: Monitor, navigate and perform beautifully Featured

Tom-toms: Monitor, navigate and perform beautifully

The TomTom Curfer is like a fitness tracker for your car.

TomTom Curfer at Amazon UK

It can tell you in-depth information about your car, including details on cornering G-force, acceleration, and even braking efficiency. TomTom reckons this will offer up all kinds of benefits, including helping drivers save money on fuel, brakes, and tyre costs by helping them drive more efficiently.

“We want people everywhere to drive smarter, saving money, and reducing their impact on the environment,” said Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and MD of TomTom Consumer. “I like to think of the TomTom Curfer as a translator between the driver and their car – helping people to make better decisions about their driving style in a really fun and engaging way."

The TomTom Curfer also lets you find your car from your phone’s map, as well as tracking a car’s battery voltage, oil temperature, and engine load. If any of these levels enter the red zone, you get an alert that informing you of a potential issue.

To connect the Curfer, you just plug it into the OBD – that’s the On Board Diagnostics. This is found on most cars made after 2011, so make sure to check you have a compatible model first. Once that’s in, you then connect the Curfer to a Smartphone via Bluetooth. The app features social sharing and game-like features.

TomTom Vio – £139.99

The TomTom Vio is designed to use on Scooter and sports a circular, glove-friendly touchscreen, features a weatherproof build, and offers turn-by-turn navigation visually, and audibly via a Bluetooth helmet audio system. This means you can also take calls using the sat nav.


TomTom VIO at Amazon UK

The TomTom Vio also features TomTom’s renowned speed camera warning system. The speed display will change to a red colour to warn riders if they’re going too fast, and reverts to its original colour once the scooter is travelling within the speed limit.

You can pick up the TomTom Vio at Amazon for £149.99. It ships with a black, snap-on silicon cover, but there a range of colours to choose from.

TomTom Go – from £109.99

TomTom's update automatically nowadays, so there is no need for wired, computer-connected updates. You can also get real-time traffic information and Lifetime Services as a bonus at no additional cost. There’s also voice recognition using developed AI platforms like Siri for “accurate responses”.

The TomTom Go sat nav have a host of smart features, including reading out text messages, allowing hands-free calling, and all work with Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Another great feature is that the TomTom Go series will learn your habits. For example, it can predict your destination, so if you regularly commute at a certain time, it will guess at where you’re going. This means the TomTom Go will manage everything automatically, including avoiding traffic, from the off. You’ll also get the usual speed camera alerts.

TomTom GO 50 at Amazon UK

What have your experiences been like using TomTom's, please leave comments below.

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