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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer UK Review: Probably the best hair dryer on the market

Written by  Dec 07, 2016

£349 does sound expensive for a hairdryer? but the Dyson Supersonic is no ordinary hair dryer.

You can see that right away, that this is a rather unusual-looking device carries all the same futuristic hallmarks and bright, bold colour combinations which is typical Dyson style design.


With its elongated handle and empty vobuyid-like barrel, the Supersonic looks completely different to a conventional hair dryer. Its stainless-steel housing is beautifully designed, and the magenta highlights certainly catch your eye.

The buld quality is excellent. Its sliding, metal power button feels like it's built to last, and the three other buttons that control heat and airflow all feel sturdy and well-made. Which you may well set and forget, as the Supersonic automatically remembers your last-used settings each time you turn it on. These are helpfully indicated by three white and red LED lights on either side of the barrel. There's even a removable filter at the bottom of the hair dryer for quick and easy cleaning.


You're not simply paying for the Supersonic's good looks, though, as the reason why it's so bottom-heavy is due to Dyson placing the motor in the handle rather than the head. This goes against traditional hair dryer design, but the results are surprisingly effective, as it not only allows the Supersonic to shed some weight, making it feel lighter to hold, but Dyson says it's also in a better position to take advantage of the company's unique Air Multiplier technology to dramatically increase its overall power, which it certainly does.

Indeed, if you haven't got one of its three bundled attachments snapped on (all of which are magnetic, by the way, so they can be easily removed or twisted round as and when you like), its 13 internal impeller blades can whip up to 41 litres of air per second, which, on the maximum power setting, feels like a gale force wind blowing in your face.

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With so much power at its disposal, it literally cut my hair-drying time in half or less. It normally takes about ten to fifteen minutes to dry my long, thick hair after a wash, but using the second heat setting on the Supersonic at maximum power meant I managed to finish a usual dry in less than five minutes.

The Supersonic also has negative ions to help reduce static, and I found this worked a treat on my hair. It's also surprisingly quiet, making a lot less racket than you might expect for something so powerful.

Its long 2.7m cable also ensures you've got plenty of slack if you need it. The only thing you have to bear in mind is that the cable's fed downwards out of the plug connector, which may be a problem if your plug sockets are low to the floor.


Plug issues aside, the Dyson Supersonic is hands down the best hair dryer I've ever used. It's super powerful, looks fantastic, and its bundled smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator and diffuser give it plenty of versatility for different hair types. The only issue, of course, is the price. At £300, most people would not be willing to pay so much money for a hair dryer, but having used it solidly for two weeks, I have to say it's been very difficult indeed going back to my old hair dryer. You don't miss something you never had, but the Supersonic quickly becomes something you don't want to be without.

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