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Gadget Reviews UK

Bluetooth earphones are ten-a-penny, but the SoundMAGIC E10BT have more pedigree than most. They’re made by the company responsible for producing some of the best budget wired earphones in existence. Moving to a wireless with mic design ups the price somewhat, with the E10BT costing £60, but I’m okay with that if they’re as good as their wired stablemates.

Published in Headwear
Apple's latest releases in its much beloved MacBook Pro lineup has received a lot of attention and mixed reviews.
Published in Laptops

The Philips Daily Collection Mini Blender is a versatile machine. In addition mixing up smoothies and assorted other blending tasks, you get an easy-carry bottle to take your smoothie with you, and a mini blender for grinding up ingredients such as nuts, coffee beans and peppercorns, or even vegetables and meat.

Published in Household


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