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Neckband earphones look like they are here to stay, now Sony have decided to produce a truly high-end pair of earphones.

They are wired, in-ear headphones from Audio-Technica which are excellent value for money. The Audio-Technica LS70iS offer great sound quality and are ideal for an audiophile on a budget.

Brainwavz may not be a well recognised brand when it comes to high quality earphones, but nothing ventured nothing gained. 

Jabra’s truly wireless earbuds throw Alexa into your ears.

I have been reviewing the Brainwavz BLU-100 Bluetooth earphones which are priced at a wallet-friendly £34.50.

I have reviewed quite a few wireless earphones this year, and most of them have been in the budget end of the market.
We have been impressed by the NuForce products from Optoma so far. Today we have been told about the company’s first ever pair of completely wireless in-ear headphones, the NuForce BE Free8.

Bluetooth earphones are ten-a-penny, but the SoundMAGIC E10BT have more pedigree than most. They’re made by the company responsible for producing some of the best budget wired earphones in existence. Moving to a wireless with mic design ups the price somewhat, with the E10BT costing £60, but I’m okay with that if they’re as good as their wired stablemates.

The QuietControl 30 is a very different pair of headphones, however. Instead of a full-on, over-the-ear design, these are in-ear headphones of the “neck-bud” style.

JBL’s Reflect Mini BT headphones are very much designed with sport in mind, but their lightweight design, strong sound and competitive price make them a good choice for less extertive activities too.


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