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PlayStation UK's Twitter account has now confirmed that, due to Amazon UK having a technical error when setting pre-orders live this morning, Amazon UK pre-orders will begin properly at 10 AM (BST) tomorrow morning (16th August at the time of writing.)

The Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100 is a high-spec, high-technology toothbrush. With three cleaning modes, a pressure sensor and the ability to automatically set the right mode for the attached brush head, this model can help keep your teeth in tip-top condition.

Strip a modern F1 car of all of its sponsorship decals, goes the well-worn saying I've been guilty of bandying around myself, and you'd be hard pushed to tell any two models apart.

The words tablet and workstation aren’t natural bedfellows, but that’s precisely the combination HP offers in the ludicrously powerful ZBook X2 G4 Workstation. If the Microsoft Surface Pro is a bantamweight fighter, the ZBook is a super heavyweight.

The Fitbit Ionic had the potential to be an outstanding fitness-orientated smartwatch. It had an eye-catching design coupled with all the core features a fitness enthusiast needs, including GPS, a heart rate monitor, swim and sleep tracking and NFC (for contactless payments).

The Dyson V7 Trigger is the star portable vacuum currently available from the British manufacturer. It’s not what you think though; a predecessor to the V8. Instead, Dyson has launched the V7 as a mid-level option after the V8 range, combining features from both the V6 and the V8 at a lower price point.

Titan Quest is often mentioned in the same breath as Diablo, as though a long but monstrously tough rope binds them together. I'm not sure who this annoys most - Titan Quest's creators Iron Lore or even Diablo creator Blizzard itself - but suffice to say, 12 years after the isometric action role-playing game was originally released, I'm doing it, too.

Want to listen to your music without blocking off the sounds around you? Then check out the Sony Xperia Ear Duo. Sony has gone back to its research and development department and worked from scratch to create the technology.

Cameras in smartphones have come a long way over the last few years, with a number of features that have greatly improved the quality of images produced by smartphones, including optical image stabilisation (OIS), larger sensors, bright lenses, and even optical zoom making them even better for photography.


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