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Mac OSX Mavericks on USB

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Mac OSX Mavericks on bootable USB 3.0 drive

Mac OSX Mavericks on bootable USB 3.0 drive for Mac install/recovery.

To use you just plug the USB drive into one of your computer’s USB ports (with the machine off) and restart while holding down the option key when you hear the apple chime.  

Select the OS to install. Then follow the on screen instructions to install the system in your chosen location on your machine.

Important Notice:

This Apple OSX software is FREE to download from the Apple App store using the App Store program supplied by Apple starting with OS10.6 (Snow Leopard).  

No charge is being made for the system software itself. The charge is the for new USB Drive the time to pre-install the OSX installer on it and delivery which is free (UK only).

This medium is the best option if you want to have a copy of the operating system saved for any future additional installations or recovery of existing installations or if you wish to easily install on several computers.  It also allows installation on recent Apple hardware that lacks a DVD drive.

You save time and potential Data charges associated with (possibly repeated) downloads of the 5GB+ files.  

This USB drive contains everything you need to upgrade a previously installed OS, or to install a new copy of the above systems to a blank hard drive.

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