Logitech G703 Mouse: Best on the Market

Logitech G703 Mouse: Best on the Market

Equipped with a responsive sensor, lightspeed wireless technology and optional wireless charging, the Logitech G703 is ideal for gaming.

It’s not the cheapest out there, and it does look a little plain.  But it has all the functionality that you need, and delivers excellent gaming performance.

Logitech G703 – Design, build and features

The G703’s design is rather ‘classic’, with a right-handed ergonomic shape that fits snugly in the hand. The mouse is jet black, with a smooth plastic finish along the top, and a soft-touch rubber on either side. Hardly the most attractive looking mouse, but it feels great in the hand, and works really well.

The Logitech logo sits on the front of the mouse, and is fully backlit with bright RGB lighting. The usual left- and right-clicks are found up-top, sandwiching the textured rubber RGB scroll wheel. There’s also a DPI toggle button here, although on a mouse this expensive, I’d have expected to find two buttons rather than one.

Connecting the mouse to your PC is straightforward, as Logitech handely supplies a long-wired cable for charging, and a USB dongle for wireless operation. The cable connects to the receiver via a small desk stand, which not only allows for interruption-free gaming, but a quick and easy way to charge when the battery runs low.

Underneath you’ll find the optical sensor, optional 10g weight adjustment plate, and a black module that can be swapped out for Logitech’s PowerPlay chip. Using induction wireless charging, the plate will mean you never need to charge the mouse, with the PowerPlay mat continuously topping up the G703. It’s a great feature and all this does come at a price.


Logitech G703 – Performance

When it comes to performance, there’s plenty to like and little to dislike. I’ve been playing a variety of games and they have worked faultlessly.

With a weight of 107g, the G703 isn’t the absolute lightest mouse on the market, but for a wireless mouse it’s more than reasonable. The balance does feel slightly off when picked up, since the rather bottom-heavy weight distribution is little strange. This isn’t something you’ll notice in normal use though, and the mouse remains extremely comfortable to use.

The Pixart PMW3366 sensor has a maximum 12,000DPI, and has performed excellently across the entire spectrum. Tracking is handled superbly, offering precision for lining up those sniper shots, and reliability when quickly spinning to face oncoming enemy. It isn’t quite as good as the True Move sensor found in SteelSeries’ latest mice, but it’s close enough.

In particular, using a wireless mouse can help in tricky situations. Having the freedom to flick the mouse across wide distances without cord limitations is a real boon for competitive gaming.

Logitech G703 – Software and battery life

The G703 is rated for 24 hours of battery with the RGB lighting enabled, and 32 hours with this disabled. If you’re using the PowerPlay mat then you’ll never need to charge the mouse, although the occasional hiccup meant that I saw a few low-battery warnings – but nothing that can’t be resolved.

The Logitech Gaming Software is up their with the best; it’s clearly laid out, and easy to use. It’s here that you can change the performance settings of the mouse, and reassign buttons to other functions. The RGB lighting can be altered and synced with other Logitech peripherals, but I do find that Corsair’s CUE software has more effects and greater precision control.

Why buy the Logitech G703?

The G703 is the perfect gaming mouse for those who want a comfortable wireless gaming device that’s great across the entire range of PC games. While there’s no doubt it’s an expensive upgrade, the PowerPlay integration allows for a truly wire-free experience.Some will want something a mouse that’s more flashy; others a mouse that has a greater number of buttons.

For the majority of gamers, however, the G703 is the perfect option. Simplicity is key, and the no-frills approach to creating a great gaming mouse has paid dividends. The Logitech G703 is Trusted Review’s favourite gaming mouse.

Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Mouse with Powerplay Wireless Charging Compatibility LIGHTSPEED £72.00amazon uk(Check current price)


It may appear a little plain, but the G703 is the best wireless gaming mouse on the market.


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